Cilia appointed as new Abertax Technologies’ Chairman

Cilia appointed as new Abertax Technologies’ Chairman

Cilia appointed as new Abertax Technologies’ Chairman 150 150 Batteries International

October 21, 2021: Joseph Cilia took over the chairmanship of the Abertax Foundation in early October, replacing Martin Florin, who becomes deputy chairman ahead of his retirement.

Cilia started at the Abertax Group in 2003 as the group’s chief executive and R&D director. Since then the group has expanded extensively in terms of staff and turnover.

Cilia says the firm is still poised for more growth.

“The Abertax group has a comprehensive R&D team with engineers and specialist in different areas. We’re very active in the development of new products and we hold 18 patents,” he says.

“All these and other related products are produced in-house. These range from plastic injected components to highly sophisticated electronic products, coupled with IATF 16949 Quality Control.”

Cilia is also a professor at the University of Malta. He has published more than 100 papers in international conferences. His research interests include high speed drive systems, electrical transport, energy storage systems and the efficient use of energy and renewables.

Separately, Klaus-Dieter Merz — known affectionately to the battery world as KD — has become a member of Abertax Technologies’ Council. KD joined Abertax in 2008, initially as a technical consultant and adviser. Later he became VP for technology and a member of the executive board at Abertax.

KD has worked closely with the R&D team at Abertax to design and develop products that are needed in energy storage technology. Several patents on products and manufacturing processes have resulted from this work.

“My main expertise is in lead-acid batteries, and most of the products developed and manufactured by Abertax are to for the lead-acid battery business,” says KD.

Besides his new role in the council, KD is still a member of the Abertax Executive Board as an adviser. He also supports many companies in battery development and manufacturing processes, particularly for VRLA batteries.

Abertax’s main product lines are battery accessories such as precision safety valves for VRLA batteries, and electronic components such as sensors and battery management systems.