Hyundai becomes newest member of CBI

Hyundai becomes newest member of CBI

Hyundai becomes newest member of CBI 150 150 Batteries International

November 18, 2021: South Korean car firm Hyundai has become the latest member of the Consortium for Battery Innovation, the organization announced on November 15.

It has joined the association through its North American design, technology and engineering arm, Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc (HATCI), which is headquartered in Michigan with operations in California, Alabama and Georgia.

CBI has more than 100 members and although few of them are auto OEMs, the association works closely with the automotive industry.

It says it expects micro-hybrid vehicles to take up 60% of new car sales globally by 2030, and has expanded its technical roadmap to include targets for start-stop applications.

These have been set to ensure recent improvements in dynamic charge acceptance are maintained, as well as improving high-temperature performance without suffering a decline in cold cranking or water loss performance.

“Involving car manufacturers like Hyundai in CBI’s automotive lead battery efforts is vital, providing clear avenues for accelerating innovation and developing a harmonized perspective of how lead batteries can meet the increasing demand or energy storage in future vehicles,” says CBI.

“Combining resources, knowledge and testing scenarios will positively influence our industry efforts during a pivotal time in moving towards world-class electric vehicle propulsions,” said HATCI president John Robb.

“Having Hyundai’s Technical Center on board is a giant step forward for the industry in collaborating with the biggest market for advanced lead batteries: the automotive sector,” said Alistair Davidson, director of CBI.