BCI webinar highlights essential lead

BCI webinar highlights essential lead

BCI webinar highlights essential lead 1000 686 Batteries International

February 24, 2022: An on-demand webinar to support US policymakers mapping out plans for the country’s transportation and energy future was posted online by Battery Council International on February 15.

In the 20-minute webinar — ‘Vehicle Electrification and the Essential Role of Lead Batteries’ — leaders from lead battery majors East Penn and Clarios discuss the role of advanced batteries in the evolution from internal combustion engines to hybrids, fully electric and autonomous vehicles.

BCI executive vice president Roger Miksad said: “The electric needs of today’s vehicles have increased approximately 50% over the past 10 years, and the 12V advanced lead battery will be the reliable, sustainable and safe energy source for these functions as the shift to electrified and autonomous vehicles intensifies.”

Miksad said the webinar had been available on demand — just before National Battery Day on February 18 — to make it accessible at any time.

“We know that policymakers and our stakeholders have busy schedules. Just as streaming has become a preferred method for viewing television shows and movies, we believe it’s also an effective way to connect with policymakers.”

According to BCI, the US lead battery industry has an annual economic impact of $26.3 billion, with more than 92,000 direct and indirect jobs across 38 states.

Lead batteries are a baseline energy storage technology used in automotive, telecommunications, electric power, mining, agriculture, marine, and data centers.

In addition to being the world’s most recycled product, lead batteries provide 60% of the global rechargeable energy storage market — and have significant potential for even better performance to serve increasingly demanding requirements for vehicle electrification and the integration of renewable power to the electric grid, BCI said.

Click on the link to see the webinar: https://bit.ly/3v9XGfY