Hammond Group welcomes Bisaillon as Goodearl moves on

Hammond Group welcomes Bisaillon as Goodearl moves on

Hammond Group welcomes Bisaillon as Goodearl moves on 835 1024 Batteries International

June 16, 2022: Brad Bisaillon (pictured) has been appointed as vice president of sales for the Hammond Group, the company announced on June 14. Meanwhile, Ray Goodearl has left as director of marketing and global accounts to become vice president of strategic accounts at Indic Group Holdings.

Bisaillon, who most recently held positions with American Battery Solutions, Nokian Heavy Tyres and Trojan Battery Company, will lead Hammond’s efforts to support global battery manufacturers in producing a new generation of advanced lead batteries, the firm said.

Goodearl is a well known and popular figure in the power battery energy systems industry having spent most of his working life in the business. He joined Hammond three years ago from NorthStar Battery where he was a director of national accounts. Before that he was international vice president for sales and marketing at Superior Battery.

Goodearl said: “I’m very thankful for the time I had at Hammond, the entire team was amazing to work with and we did great things for our customers.”

Hammond president and CEO Terry Murphy said Bisaillon, whose expertise spans power generation and energy storage in both the lead acid and lithium ion segments, would “strengthen relationships with our existing customers and develop new relationships with customers in emerging markets”.

Bisaillon said: “Advanced lead batteries, incorporating Hammond’s performance additives, along with many other significant changes in battery configurations, have dramatically improved charge acceptance and cycle life.

“The new generation of advanced lead batteries that are being manufactured by our customers offer a more sensible and sustainable alternative to expensive, complex and difficult to integrate lithium-ion systems for the rapid expansion in the motive power, telecom, and energy storage sectors.

Goodearl will continue to be an active member of the Data Book, Technical, and Product Information Committees within Battery Council International as will his work on the Start-Stop and Starter Battery Committees within SAE.

Last October, Hammond named its new award-winning acid stratification reducing, battery life extending additive GravityGuard, after winning the BCI Innovation Award a month earlier.