ILA to support battery recycling standards review

ILA to support battery recycling standards review

ILA to support battery recycling standards review 968 541 Batteries International

July 1, 2022: The ILA is to join an international review of battery recycling standards under the Basel Convention.

ILA’s special adviser, Brian Wilson, attended the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Basel Convention in Geneva, which met from June 6-17 to discuss the need to update existing technical guidelines for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of used lead batteries.

At the COP, which was attended by more than 1,500 delegates from 200 countries, it was agreed that a special technical group would be set up to review and update the guidelines.

The group will also review the need to introduce and prepare guidelines for responsibly recycling other battery technologies.

The Basel Convention’s secretariat approved the ILA’s request to nominate Wilson to provide technical assistance to the group.


Speaking after the meeting, Wilson said: “There was universal support for the request to update the technical guidance for lead battery recycling. The technical contact group also noted differences between batteries in terms of their management, recycling and safe disposal including the fact that technologies for disposing of, or recycling lithium ion batteries are still emerging.”

Steve Binks, ILA regulatory affairs director, said the trade body’s work with the group was “an important part of our commitment to safe and responsible battery recycling in low and middle-income countries”.

“The Basel technical guidelines are the recognized standard and ILA will now contribute to updating them.”

The Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions are multilateral environmental agreements for the sound management of wastes.

As reported by BESB on June 2, the ILA is one of four battery associations representing the entire lead battery value chain joining the Protecting Every Child’s Potential initiative, which was founded in October 2020 by battery manufacturer Clarios, Unicef and Pure Earth, a US non-profit organization to help protect children’s health from lead exposure globally.

Photo: Protecting Every Child’s Potential