ELBC to host second CBI Battery Academy seminar

ELBC to host second CBI Battery Academy seminar

ELBC to host second CBI Battery Academy seminar 1024 768 Batteries International

July 28, 2022: The second in a series of seminars comprising the newly launched CBI Battery Academy is to be held at ELBC — the global battery innovation conference — in France in September, the organizers have announced.

The first academy seminar, attended by 30 delegates, was held earlier this month (pictured) in Bergamo, Italy and focused on the fundamentals of lead batteries related to the automotive sector.

The seminar took place alongside the Automotive Lead Battery Advancements workshop, formerly known as the DCA & Heat Workshops.

Some 60 delegates are expected to attend the second academy seminar at ELBC in Lyon, which will include a lecture on the basic electrochemistry of lead batteries, before looking at different lead battery chemistries such as AGM vs EFB vs bipolar.

The workshop will explore different avenues for improving lead battery performance and will feature expert speakers on topics such as the importance of lead alloys, market overviews and key applications such as automotive, energy storage systems, motive and back-up.

CBI director Alistair Davidson said: “The academy is a one-stop-shop opportunity to brief delegates on all aspects of lead battery technology — from electrochemical techniques to the latest developments in technologies such as bipolar.

“It’s aimed at anyone new to the industry or anyone who is not directly involved the technical side of the industry to find understand more about the strengths and benefits of lead batteries.”

The goal of the Battery Academy is “to share the wisdom of our lead battery experts and help attendees get a strong grounding in lead battery fundamentals,” Davidson said.

“Given the ELBC event is only over two half-days it cannot be comprehensive, but it is likely we will hold this as a standalone meeting next year, which would provide more time to give a more complete course in lead battery science to those that join us.”