Welcome to BESB — the best of both worlds…

Welcome to BESB — the best of both worlds…

Welcome to BESB — the best of both worlds… 525 159 Batteries International

Welcome to the latest edition of the relaunched Battery & Energy Storage Bulletin, following the merger of the e-newsletters produced by Batteries International and Energy Storage Journal into an exciting new weekly publication.

This give the global battery and energy storage community the best of both worlds — and twice the coverage in one of the  world’s fastest moving industries.

The fact is the energy storage industry has changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 100.

Divisions between lithium and advanced lead technology are increasingly being seen as artificial. All sectors of the industry realize that for the massive demand for electrical storage required for decarbonization to happen, all chemistries will have a place.

The issue is now becoming what place that will be — and how we can communicate to all sectors of that rapidly merging energy storage sector.

So, it makes sense that the strongest news stories we previously provided in our fortnightly bulletins covering the lead and lithium sectors respectively should no longer be partitioned according to technology.

By doubling the frequency of these bulletins, we intend to make sure that no serious news is ever missed.

And a plus for those to promote their business via BESB:

  • Your audience has just increased four times!
  • By merging our two databases we’ve doubled the readership.
  • And by moving from fortnightly to weekly bulletins, we’ve doubled that readership again.

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