Cambodia confirmed as host of 20ABC

Cambodia confirmed as host of 20ABC

Cambodia confirmed as host of 20ABC 800 450 Batteries International

August 11, 2022: Organizers of the Asian Battery Conference (20ABC) have confirmed rumours first reported by BESB a week ago that the destination of the event, scheduled for September next year, will be Angkor Wat — the most famous temple city in Asia and the heart and soul of Cambodia.

Full details have yet to be revealed and exact dates will be announced later, but industry insiders acknowledge the announcement is a coup for the organizers.

The event looks set to rival the last in-person event held in Bali, Indonesia, which was deemed the best attended and most successful in the history of the conference series.

Before the arrival of Covid, 20ABC was to have been held in Kuching in Borneo.

For those unfamiliar with Cambodia, Angkor Wat is unique and an enduring example of humanity’s devotion to spirituality and quest for the divine.

The temples are a national symbol, the epicentre of Khmer civilisation and a source of fierce national pride.