Crown Battery hosts ‘energy pioneers’

Crown Battery hosts ‘energy pioneers’

Crown Battery hosts ‘energy pioneers’ 800 532 Batteries International

August 11, 2022: Crown Battery has played host to potential battery industry workers of the future at its corporate operations site in Ohio, the company said on August 4.

The US lead battery maker said in a LinkedIn post that it had welcomed students from Northwest Ohio taking part in its ‘Energy Pioneer’ 2022 internship program.

Crown said the program allows college and post-graduate students to gain hands-on experience in their field of study, while getting a “real-world flavour for potential career paths in the battery industry”.

The battery maker said it also learns from interns’ work experiences to help it “better invest in our future workforce”.

“Our hope, and a primary goal of the program, is that this experience leaves our energy pioneers with a positive impression of our industry and company culture, and what Crown Battery truly values — our employee community.”

The interns return to their respective schools in a few weeks for the autumn semester.

The class of 2022 included Alexa Gabel, Hank Webb, Brianna Fraley, Aaron Life, Brinneth Michael and Ryan Weaver.

In July last year, BCI announced that Crown had joined four other lead industry leaders — Clarios, EnerSys, East Penn Manufacturing and Ecobat — in forming a research group with the Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Toledo to improve battery cycling efficiency.