East Penn marks 75 year anniversary with huge celebration

East Penn marks 75 year anniversary with huge celebration

East Penn marks 75 year anniversary with huge celebration 1024 759 Batteries International

October 6, 2022: More than 8,000 current and former employees and their families of East Penn Manufacturing turned out on October 1 to mark the battery giant’s 75th anniversary.

The celebratory event, rescheduled from last year as a result of Covid-19, was also attended by a number of Pennsylvania state dignitaries and focused on the contribution employees have made to the success of the family-owned business, which staff say epitomizes the American dream.

East Penn was founded in 1946 by DeLight Breidegam Jr and his father in a vacant creamery in Bowers. Nowadays, East Penn’s Lyons Station campus at more than 520 acres, is the world’s biggest single-site lead battery manufacturer, employing more than 10,000 with a further 2,000 worldwide.

Almost half of East Penn’s employees have worked at the firm for more than a decade and around a quarter have logged 20 years or more at the company.

Three employees have put in 50-plus years and 149 have celebrated more than 40 years with the company. Some 500 are members of the so-called ‘Century Club’ — those whose age added to their years of service equals 100 years or more.

DeLight Jr, who died in 2015 and his daughter, Sally Miksiewicz, who died in 2104, were both beloved by the workforce, a company spokesperson told BESB.

“They put employees first and reinvested profits so that future generations would have job security, good pay, and benefits.

“Today, chairman Dan Breidegam [DeLight’s son] and CEO and president Chris Pruitt and their team are keeping the culture cultivated by DeLight and Sally alive. The Breidegam/Miksiewicz family is active in the company, ensuring that the traditions and values established by DeLight and Sally endure.”

Photo: CEO Chris Pruitt (foreground) with some of the current and former employees and guests.