Lead battery industry stalwart Mihara retiring from Microporous

Lead battery industry stalwart Mihara retiring from Microporous

Lead battery industry stalwart Mihara retiring from Microporous 800 600 Batteries International

November 10, 2022: David Mihara, Microporous’s much-liked and much-admired VP of technology, announced on November 3 that he will be retiring at the end of this month after more than 35 years in the battery and battery separator industries.

The former Northstar Battery chief technical officer and director of battery development took up his post at Microporous in March 2018.

Mihara was senior director and head of global R&D at Exide Technologies between 2009 and 2013, before taking up his first appointment with North Star as director of battery development.

“We’ll be sad to see David go,” said Claudia Lorenzini, Microporous’ vice president, sales and marketing. “He’s done a fantastic job for the firm, building up the R&D team from virtually nothing. He has a huge wealth of experience and, as anyone who’s ever worked with him will tell you, he’s a hugely likable colleague and creates a great team spirit.”

Mihara said: “It has been a rewarding experience to work with the great people on the Microporous team and I am proud of the products and support Microporous can now provide its customers around the world.”

Now it’s time to focus on wife Karen, friends and travel, he said.

Mihara told BESB: “The next five to 10 years are going to be challenging times for the lead battery industry, with EVs taking off in a massive way, but many people forget that a lot of those EVs still carry a 12V lead battery.”

“I don’t think the picture is bleak for the lead battery industry as a whole at all. Look at the advances being made in AGMs and TPPL and some of the advanced EFB batteries that are coming out — and lead has a great role to play in the expanding energy storage sector too.”

Microporous president and CEO John Reeves said: “David has had a positive and lasting impact on not only our technology and R&D teams, but the company overall. His expertise, insights and leadership have helped Microporous make significant advances in the lead acid battery industry.

“While we look for David’s successor, we appreciate his work building a foundation for the significant developments we will be sharing during 2023. We wish David the best in his future endeavours.” added Reeves.

Mihara’s retirement highlights yet again the aging demographic of the lead battery industry’s senior management figures and the difficulty of replacing some of the legends of yesteryear.

Photo: David Mihara (centre) with Microporous R&D associates Sachin Kumar, Divya Tiwari, Timothy Campbell and Jamie Miller.