GS Yuasa online battery academy now multilingual

GS Yuasa online battery academy now multilingual

GS Yuasa online battery academy now multilingual 549 366 Batteries International

November 17, 2022: GS Yuasa announced the European launch of its online battery training hub on November 9 — expanding its existing English-language content to include German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

The company said the GS Yuasa Academy is designed to provide training for professionals who are unable to take time out from work to attend face-to-face training.

Peter Whittaker, general manager of automotive and motorcycle engineering at GS Yuasa Battery Europe, said thousands had benefited from training via the online academy since it was launched in 2019.

“An understanding of batteries is essential for all technicians to ensure that batteries are stored, applicated and fitted correctly.”

Courses covering a range of battery-related topics are available in “easy-to-follow, bite sized modules” and certificates can be downloaded after the successful completion of each course, Whittaker said.

The courses are supplemented by multiple-choice tests for users to check their understanding as they progress.

Jon Pritchard, general sales and marketing manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK said the academy supported customers and workshops that fit the firm’s batteries.

“Results of a recent survey of workshop technicians highlighted a real need for comprehensive training,” Pritchard said.

“Worryingly, 62% of participants asked did not know what battery state of charge and state of health were, and 52% were unaware of the reasons battery failure is more common in the winter. These results highlighted some concerning knowledge gaps, replicating what we often see at our workshop training events.”

Japan-headquartered GS Yuasa said on June 15 it had launched a new EFB automotive battery as the firm moved to expand its European supply coverage to more than 500,000 vehicles.