‘Europe’s largest’ BESS goes online in UK

‘Europe’s largest’ BESS goes online in UK

‘Europe’s largest’ BESS goes online in UK 1024 682 Batteries International

November 24, 2022: Harmony Energy Income Trust, an investment firm, announced on November 21 that its Pillswood project, in Yorkshire, UK had gone live some four months’ earlier than previously planned. The 98MW/196MWh facility is the largest BESS project in Europe by MWh, Harmony said. This is equivalent to power around 300,000 UK homes for two hours.

The project, using a Tesla two-hour Megapack, will provide balancing services to the UK electricity grid network, underpinning energy security and enabling the replacement of coal and gas power stations to renewable power sources.

The project sits next to the National Grid’s Creyke Beck substation. This is planned to be the connection point for Phase ‘A’ and ‘B’ of Dogger Bank, the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Its first phase should go live in summer 2023.

The project was developed by Harmony Energy with construction managed by Tesla. The project will be operated through Autobidder, Tesla’s algorithmic trading platform which has a strong track record. Two of its projects have been the top performers in terms of revenue generation in the UK this past year.

“All stakeholders have recognized the importance of achieving energization for this project ahead of winter to ensure the BESS services can be provided during the initial winter months” said Peter Kavanagh, director of Harmony Energy Advisors.

Harmony Energy Income Trust has five battery energy storage systems under construction, set to go live next October and three new pipeline projects which will increase its portfolio to nine projects with a total capacity of 500MW/1GWh.