Stryten partners Snapping Shoals to evaluate VRFBs

Stryten partners Snapping Shoals to evaluate VRFBs

Stryten partners Snapping Shoals to evaluate VRFBs 351 353 Batteries International

January 12, 2023: Stryten Energy is partnering US electrical utility service provider Snapping Shoals EMC to evaluate how vanadium redox flow battery technology can be used in a variety of energy storage applications, the firms announced on January 10.

Stryten added VRFB tech to its lead and lithium chemistries portfolio a year ago with the acquisition of Storion Energy.

Scott Childers (pictured), VP of Stryten’s Essential Power Division, which includes the company’s advanced lead, lithium and vanadium battery technologies and services, said the collaboration will provide deeper understanding of how its VRFB technology operates in real-world conditions.

“By testing the battery energy storage system against a variety of usage needs, we can identify where it can make the most impact for energy providers,” Childers said.

Stryten said a variety of battery technologies will be needed as demand for long-duration energy storage capacity increases to handle rising levels of renewable electricity generation.

Demand for energy storage will accelerate following the introduction in August 2022 of the US Inflation Reduction Act — which includes investment tax credits for domestically sourced and manufactured standalone clean energy storage, the company said.

BESB reported on January 5 that Stryten president and COO Mike Judd is to succeed CEO Tim Vargo, who will become chairman. Both appointments take effect before March 31.