North America lead battery production ‘exceeds 206GWh’

North America lead battery production ‘exceeds 206GWh’

North America lead battery production ‘exceeds 206GWh’ 1024 576 Batteries International

March 9, 2023: Annual lead battery manufacturing capacity in North America is now in excess of 206GWh, according to latest data published on March 2.

Essential Energy Everyday — an initiative of Battery Council International — said the figure highlights the key role that lead batteries play in daily lives.

Meeting the growing global demand for energy requires a mixture of efficient energy storage technologies, Essential Energy Everyday said.

“Modern lead batteries are an essential part of that mixture, by providing sustainable energy storage for vital industries such as transportation, logistics, renewable energy and communications infrastructure.”

BCI announced last May that its members had reported total passenger car battery sales of nearly 99 million in 2021.

BCI president and East Penn Manufacturing CEO, Chris Pruitt, said the sales (OE and replacement) were a 43% increase over 2020, with AGM batteries up more than 28%.

Pruitt said the lead battery industry had fared better than most in the aftermath of the pandemic, “thanks in large part to our strong domestic manufacturing base, and our strong domestic supply chain — including the key lead suppliers and recyclers”.

Given that most lead battery manufacturers in North America are also involved in marketing lithium batteries, BCI is now including lithium battery sales in its monthly review figures.

Image: Essential Energy Everyday