Brill Power unveils ‘chemistry-agnostic’ battery booster tech

Brill Power unveils ‘chemistry-agnostic’ battery booster tech

Brill Power unveils ‘chemistry-agnostic’ battery booster tech 963 647 Batteries International

June 15, 2023: Brill Power unveiled chemistry agnostic tech on June 14 that it claimed could significantly improve battery performance and safety.

Brill, a spin-out from Oxford University, said its  power battery intelligence platform boosts  battery performance explicitly for larger battery systems in industrial, commercial and utility-scale applications.

The company’s BrillCore hardware and proprietary BrillOS operating system are at the heart of the technology — providing “intelligent active loading of battery cells or modules” to overcome inherent performance limitation of the weakest cell in the pack that limits existing BMS solutions.

Active loading allows all of the potential from battery cells to be utilized, extending battery lifetime by up to 60%, Brill claims.

According to Brill, BrillOS is chemistry-agnostic and can be updated wirelessly to be compatible with future battery technology.

Brill CEO Christoph Birkl said the system addressed “all of the pain points” that can be encountered by battery pack and systems developers.

“Industrial and grid-scale battery systems are necessarily large and expensive investments, so any frailty in the technology can have profound implications for the success and viability of the solution.”