BCI revamps Source BCI data base

BCI revamps Source BCI data base

BCI revamps Source BCI data base 600 618 Batteries International

June 30, 2023: Battery Council International announced on Wednesday it had launched an updated and improved website for Source BCI, its data base for vehicle battery fitment. It contains figures for more than 160,000 vehicles spanning more than 85 years.

“The improved Source BCI website is easier and faster to use, with a new mobile-ready interface, and provides more detailed information for the professional battery service technician and consumers alike,” said a BCI statement.

“As the digital counterpart to the traditional Battery Replacement Data Book, Source BCI revolutionizes the way industry professionals access essential battery information,” said Roger Miksad (pictured), BCI president and executive director.

“With Source BCI, industry professionals can retrieve the information they need at their fingertips, eliminating the hassle of flipping through pages. It’s a quick and powerful tool for those across the battery industry.”

BCI says it provides: enhanced functionality with an integrated payment processor on the website allows for instant access upon purchase, eliminating wait times and the need for access codes. It has added a battery location field within the vehicle, providing users with comprehensive information for an expedited battery replacement process.

An annual subscription costs $14.99 and  registering for Source BCI can be made at www.sourcebci.com