Hoppecke to the rescue with HK hospital backup power

Hoppecke to the rescue with HK hospital backup power

Hoppecke to the rescue with HK hospital backup power 818 636 Batteries International

August 30, 2023: Lead battery technology from European firm Hoppecke is now helping to provide vital backup power at a hospital in Hong Kong, the company revealed on August 23.

The hospital said last spring that it needed more than 800 new batteries at short notice — and within three weeks Hoppecke had delivered 864 of its grid Xtreme VR products (see image).

Hoppecke said it had been proud to provide and ship the batteries in such a short time.

Since their installation, the batteries have ensured an uninterrupted power supply and are used reliably in case of emergency, Hoppecke said.

The batteries are based on the latest development standard for pure lead products, which the company said are space saving and have a longer life expectancy compared to conventional lead batteries. 

Meanwhile, the company has announced what it said is a milestone development as part of its lithium ion battery recycling cooperation with China’s Huayou Recycling Technology.

Hoppecke said the partners have successfully disassembled a lithium ion battery system from a well-known OEM into its valuable individual parts.

The process included collecting data to determine the state-of-health and quality of the battery cells.

Hoppecke has been recycling lead acid batteries in its own metal smelter for more than 60 years.

The company processes around 36,000 tonnes of used batteries annually. Used lead and lead scrap is collected, refined, alloyed and cast into blocks before being returned to the manufacturing process.

Hoppecke says most of the lead in its batteries come from its own metal smelter and covers some 70% of its needs.