Brian Wilson steps down after lifetime working in lead industry

Brian Wilson steps down after lifetime working in lead industry

Brian Wilson steps down after lifetime working in lead industry 730 1024 Batteries International

September 7, 2023: Brian Wilson, the lead recycling expert who has advised the ILA, Pure Earth and international agencies around the world, announced at the 8th International Secondary Lead & Battery Recycling Conference that he was retiring after having spent a lifetime working in various aspects of the lead industry.

Brian, 75, said  “It’s going to be a wrench to leave — but it’s time to step back. In the past 25 years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the industry, NGOs and governments around the world and I wish you all well.”

Brian who helped set up the International Lead Management Center, which charged itself with using lead in a sustainable and environmentally safe manner, has led a full and interesting career.

After spending 15 years in the oil business he moved to Britannia Refined Metals — part of  MIM Holdings, the Australian mining firm which in turn is now a Glencore company — where over the next 15 years his work spanned smelters operation, industrial relations and human resource management.

His experience there allowed him to deal first hand with the issues that the lead industry faces, and the way it tackles them. He was seconded to the ILMC in 1996 from Britannia as program head where he led a team charged with the broad remit to promote the sound environmental management of  lead. The ILMC was later absorbed into the International Lead Association.

Over time his remit expanded to include work for the United Nations, various NGOs and in particular his work with Pure Earth which was specifically focused as the safe management of lead,

Brian’s work has taken him around for extended periods across the globe spending months at a time and required intensive work at a local level involving liaison with governments, local communities, NGOs among the many that are involved in resolving lead-related issues.

“I can only pay tribute to his unflagging and tireless work for the Association and the countless people he has helped, the relationships he has cultivated and the vast knowledge of this industry,” says Andy Bush, managing director of the ILA.

“He will be sorely missed.”