EnerSys, Stryten land US submarine lead battery supply deals

EnerSys, Stryten land US submarine lead battery supply deals

EnerSys, Stryten land US submarine lead battery supply deals 1024 630 Batteries International

September 21, 2023: EnerSys said on September 18 it had secured a new $91.8 million multi-year contract to supply its thin plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries to the US Navy as main storage batteries on all four classes of nuclear submarines.  

Separately, Stryten Energy announced on September 12 it was awarded part of a five-year contract by the US Department of Defense (DoD) to supply its E-series SVRLA AGM battery tech and components for submarines.

EnerSys said its contract was a continuation of a relationship where it has supplied TPPL batteries for US submarines for more than 15 years.

Mark Matthews, senior VP specialty global, said in addition to supplying TPPL tech, EnerSys also looked forward to supporting the navy and DoD with the company’s advanced lithium cobalt and proprietary lithium ion chemistries.

Under its contract, Stryten will start supplying batteries this autumn through to the summer of 2028.

Mike Judd, Stryten president and CEO, said: “We look forward to continuing to build on our tenure in supplying the US Navy with reliable, high-quality and top-performing energy storage solutions.”

Last year, Stryten formed two new divisions — Motive Power and Essential Power — focused on developing and producing multiple battery technologies, including lead, for the energy storage market.

Motive Power includes advanced lead and lithium batteries, intelligent chargers and energy performance management software solutions for material handling, mining and railway applications. Its team includes stored energy experts whose work includes power studies, training and inspections.

Essential Power includes advanced lead, lithium and vanadium battery technologies and services, including chargers and racking systems used for backup power for the military and government, telecommunications, UPS systems, railway, utility, microgrids and long-duration energy storage for renewable power sources.