STC on track to build first ‘Lead3’ recycling system in Romania

STC on track to build first ‘Lead3’ recycling system in Romania

STC on track to build first ‘Lead3’ recycling system in Romania 572 669 Batteries International

October 5, 2023: Italian lead recycler and engineering company STC told Batteries International on October 3 it was on course to build its first recycling plant in Romania using its proprietary ‘Lead3’ hydrometallurgical technology.

STC said it had completed the technical documentation for its integrated pollution prevention and control authorization request to environmental authorities.

The new plant is being built in Bucharest for the recycling business of STC’s parent company — battery manufacturer Monbat.

A second such Lead3 plant will be set up at Monbat’s site in Serbia a few months later, an STC spokesperson told Batteries International.

Monbat is already seeking required environmental permits from authorities in Serbia.

The Romanian and Serbian plants will each allow for the annual production of 10,000 tonnes of lead oxide for Monbat.

STC says its Lead3 technology allows for the production of lead oxides for battery production directly from lead paste — avoiding a pyrometallurgical process.

Over the past two years, STC says it has successfully installed new energy recovery systems at all Monbat Recycling sodium sulphate crystallization plants in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

The plants have been transformed into mechanical vapour recompression (MVR crystallizers), which STC says allows a combined annual saving on natural gas consumption of about 5 million m3 and a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 3,000 tonnes annually.

Batteries International reported in February that STC had agreed a recycling equipment supply partnership for lead and lithium ion batteries with ACE Green Recycling.