Hammond picks up innovation award for additive product

Hammond picks up innovation award for additive product

Hammond picks up innovation award for additive product 769 445 Batteries International

October 18, 2023: The Hammond Group is among companies being honoured for product innovation by a leading regional university in the US.

A team of Hammond employees are set to be formally inducted into the Purdue Northwest Society of Innovators’ ‘Class of 2023’ on October 19 alongside other companies in Indiana.

Hammond is being recognized for its Treated SureCure product, a battery additive the company says facilitates the controlled growth of uniform tetrabasic lead sulfate crystals in the positive plates of lead acid batteries.

The additive eliminates the need for steam curing, which saves manufacturing time and money, Hammond says.

Battery performance is also enhanced with increased charge efficiency and better cycle life.

Contributing members of the team being honoured include Thomas Wojcinski, Gordon Beckley, Richard Botts, Gary Dean Botts, Enqin Gao, Perry Hedge, Perry Dewayne Hedge, Daniel Loosemore, Terry Murphy, Pete Nikoloski, Andrew Reynolds, and James Shearouse.

The Society of Innovators bestows the honour in in recognition of new products with measurable benefits for society.

Society assistant director Jason Williams said: “The class of 2023 once again exemplifies the diversity of creativity and ingenuity taking place in our region year after year.”

Last December Hammond announced two senior fellows to guide its Innovation Leadership Council — John Miller, formerly senior director of engineering for Stryten Energy, and Francisco Trinidad, formerly a director of battery technology for Exide Europe.