CBI launches lead BESS research funding round

CBI launches lead BESS research funding round

CBI launches lead BESS research funding round 1000 591 Batteries International

November 22, 2023: The Consortium for Battery Innovation has launched its latest bid to identify new battery research projects for potential future funding.

CBI said on November 17 it is seeking proposals for studies covering either techno-economic analyses of lead BESS systems or material science studies into the failure of lead batteries in BESS systems.

CBI technical program senior manager Matt Raiford (pictured) said: “The growth of the battery energy storage market is a great opportunity for advanced lead batteries, and the industry is committed to showing progress toward batteries that last longer and have higher energy density.”

Proposals should be submitted by January 22, 2024.

Click here for details including submission guidelines.

Analysis published by Battery Council International in March showed the US lead battery industry is worth nearly $33 billion annually to the country’s economy.

The BCI studyEconomic Contribution of the US Lead Battery Industry in 2021 — also showed the industry has a $13.7 billion impact every year on GDP, underlining the critical role the sector plays.

According to a separate European study, published in April 2022, the lead battery industry was worth an estimated €15 billion ($16 billion) of value added or gross domestic product a year to the European economy.