Stryten ‘Quick Ship’ programs keep supply chain moving

Stryten ‘Quick Ship’ programs keep supply chain moving

Stryten ‘Quick Ship’ programs keep supply chain moving 1024 680 Batteries International

February 1, 2024: Stryten Energy has launched two ‘Quick Ship’ programs designed to underpin a rapid supply chain for forklift lead batteries and accessories.

Stryten executive VP Dan Autey told Batteries International on January 30 the move allows its customers to reduce downtime and keep motive power fleets moving.

The standard Quick Ship lets customers order forklift batteries and accessories to be shipped within three business days.

Now a new ‘Quick Ship 24’ scheme offers shipping within 24 hours on select batteries and accessories.

Stryten says orders placed before midnight Eastern Time (ET) on one day will be processed the following day and scheduled by 10am ET.

A range of Stryten’s M-Series flat-plate batteries and tubular batteries are available through Quick Ship. Both programs are dependent on  motive power batteries and accessories being available to be shipped.

Select M-Series chargers are available for the standard Quick Ship, but are not included in Quick Ship 24.

Accessories featured in the programs include kits to ensure watering levels are properly maintained and electrolyte level sensors.

Autey said: “Popular demand for Quick Ship led us to introduce Quick Ship 24 to provide an even shorter turnaround on select forklift batteries and accessories.

“Our vertically integrated domestic supply provides a distinct advantage and keeps our customers reliably supplied with the batteries and chargers they need.”

Program details on Stryten’s website.