US cash boost to encourage Li battery recycling

US cash boost to encourage Li battery recycling

US cash boost to encourage Li battery recycling 819 1024 Batteries International

April 3, 2024: The US said on March 28 it will invest $62 million in 17 projects to boost consumer participation in lithium battery recycling initiatives across the nation.

The Department of Energy (DoE) said the financing will come from allocations under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law as greater focus on recycling batteries used in EVs and energy storage systems will be needed as demand for EVs and stationary storage is projected to expand the lithium battery market as much as ten-fold by 2030.

The 17 projects selected for the DoE’s ‘Consumer Electronics Battery Recycling, Reprocessing, and Battery Collection’ funding include one aimed at informing students about safe battery waste disposal.

Another will support states and local governments in boosting battery collection, recycling, and reprocessing including battery drop-off and collection programs.

Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm said: “Capturing the full battery supply chain — from sourcing critical materials to manufacturing to recycling — puts the US in the driver’s seat as we build our clean energy economy.”

Analysis published by the US Geological Survey in 2022 indicated that the country was still heavily dependent on imports for key battery materials including cobalt, lithium, manganese and nickel.

Energy Storage Journal reported a study last December 2023 that said China would become self-sufficient in meeting its needs for key EV battery materials lithium, cobalt and nickel around 10 years before the US and Europe.

The Asian battery tiger is expected to have the capacity to cater for its domestic demand for lithium from 2059 onwards — but this will not be the case in Europe and the US until after 2070 — said the study by Germany’s University of Münster.