Clarios to supply new AGM battery to major OEM

Clarios to supply new AGM battery to major OEM

Clarios to supply new AGM battery to major OEM 1024 576 Batteries International

April 12, 2024: Clarios, the lead battery giant, has won a supplier contract with a major car company for its latest high performance recharge AGM battery.

The 12V battery has an increased charge acceptance compared to traditional AGM batteries and will improve rechargeability, fuel economy and reduce by 80% CO2 emissions against traditional AGM batteries.

Clarios, which produces one in three of the world’s car batteries, says it will be first introduced into North America under the supply contract with the — as yet unnamed — original equipment manufacturer.

“We understand the focus automakers have on reducing emissions in their vehicles and how any improvement is important in helping them achieve their circularity goals,” said Federico Morales-Zimmermann, Clarios vice president.

Clarios’ move follows other manufacturers’ launch of improved batteries.

Last month, Trojan Battery brought out two new batteries in its AES range which can be safely mounted horizontally to fit difficult locations. The company said the 6V and 12V batteries are vibration and shock resistant and require no watering.

Likewise, C&D Technologies announced in early April a high temperature VRLA telecom battery that uses its MSE thin plate pure lead technology, requiring lower float currents. This slows grid corrosion and limits water loss by 50% meaning the batteries can operate safely at higher temperatures.