EnerSys promotes Mark Matthews to president

EnerSys promotes Mark Matthews to president

EnerSys promotes Mark Matthews to president 1024 882 Batteries International

April 12, 2024: International battery maker, EnerSys, yesterday announced the internal promotion of Mark Matthews to the role of president, specialty global.

Since joining the organization in 2016, Matthews has held positions of increasing responsibility, spearheading development plans for a 4GWh lithium-ion cell factory.

Matthews has made extraordinary contributions to the energy storage and lithium battery technology industries. Before EnerSys these included designing and integrating a patented battery powered energy distribution system and a ground-breaking technology to reduce demand charges and utility costs.

He also facilitated the US army’s conversion from Li-SO2 to Li-MnO2 technology, delivering 50% higher energy density at half the battery weight.

Matthews has also recently secured a comprehensive incentive package through South Carolina and Greenville County valued at approximately $200 million, and is leading EnerSys’s efforts to secure additional project funding from the DOE.

“Since joining the company, Mark has delivered outstanding results, driving innovation in energy storage and lithium battery technology, and is a trusted leader within the organization,” said David Shaffer, president and CEO.

“I am confident his visionary leadership and ability to execute will continue to accelerate our position as a critical enabler of energy transition.”