ABC’s Everett moves to Li-S developer Zeta Energy

ABC’s Everett moves to Li-S developer Zeta Energy

ABC’s Everett moves to Li-S developer Zeta Energy 1015 1024 Batteries International

May 10, 2024: Michael Everett, who has spent the past five years as chief operating officer and president at bipolar battery developer and manufacturer, Advanced Battery Concepts, has joined Zeta Energy.

“Zeta CEO, Tom Pilette said: “The timing of this appointment is perfect. We are in the process of rapidly scaling up manufacturing for our game-changing lithium-sulfur battery technology, and he is one of the few people in the world with experience in scaling both materials and battery manufacturing. Michael will contribute enormously to Zeta’s success.”

Zeta has developed a sulfurized carbon material that harnesses the energy density of sulfur, while preventing the polysulfide shuttle effect.

Sulfur has long been of interest to developers because its energy density is many times higher than that of traditional lithium-ion battery materials. Success in this technology has proved elusive though solid developments have been made in recent years, most notably in extending Li-S cycle life.

Everett joined ABC in June 2019 before becoming president as well as COO in September 2021. An official at ABC told Batteries International that he wished him well: “This is a great opportunity for him. He continues to truly believe in our technology and I personally know it was a difficult decision for him. He has pledged to help us in the future in any way possible if he can.”

With over 30 years of experience in a variety of technology-based industries, Everett has held past senior management positions as vice president of engineering at Trojan Battery Company, CTO of Maxwell Technologies and senior director of engineering and research at 3D Systems Inc.

It was at Maxwell that Everett entered the energy storage world as it gradually moved into ultracapacitor development. He pioneered several initiatives inside Maxwell, including the development and industrialization of a then unique dry lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing process.

“Given that Zeta Energy has also developed a dry electrode manufacturing process, there is a clear synergy between his skills and Zeta’s technologies,” said a commentator.

Before ABC he was vice president of engineering for Trojan where he was responsible for overseeing Trojan’s product development and research activities including all technical intellectual property innovation. During his time at Trojan, he also had direct responsibility for process engineering among various other responsibilities.

“Michael has an exceptional track record of scaling up manufacturing in batteries and materials, and we are looking forward to doing amazing things together!” says Michael Liedtke, chief commercial officer of Zeta Energy.

Liedtke and Everett spent several years working together at Maxwell Technologies.