Finalists nominated for The Smarter E energy storage award

Finalists nominated for The Smarter E energy storage award

Finalists nominated for The Smarter E energy storage award 996 660 Batteries International

May 10, 2024: Conference organizer The Smarter E has announced the finalists for its annual renewable energy ceremony for what it describes as the best and most innovative developments over the past year.

The prize is awarded in five categories: Photovoltaics, Energy Storage, E-Mobility, Smart Integrated Energy and Outstanding Projects.

The announcement is a prelude to the annual conference series being held in Munich from June 19-21. This groups together four exhibitions — Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe.

The smarter E award is presented every year as part of this exhibition. The innovation prize recognizes companies and their products that are actively shaping tomorrow’s energy world.

“In the energy storage category, finalists are taking on the challenges of installation,” says the conference organizer. “When it comes to residential storage systems, the trend is towards systems with less depth – resulting in a smaller footprint. Many systems are also suitable for outdoor installation.

“Large-scale storage systems can now hold 5MWh and more in a 20-foot container. In the case of one manufacturer, it is even possible to stack two containers on top of one another, resulting in over 700kWh of storage capacity per square meter of floor space.

“In the past, short storage periods, or high C rates, were often relevant when it came to applications such as peak shaving. Now, however, more systems have charging/discharging times of four hours and above, including iron flow batteries and a potential energy storage system.”

The integration of flexible electricity tariffs for charging storage systems, as well as options for bidirectional vehicle charging, are featuring ever more in the system designs. Storage technology is experiencing a strong push towards lithium-iron-phosphate cells. Even smaller systems are now fitted with additional safety equipment.

The finalists of the energy storage category are:

  • Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) (China) with its battery system EnerX DC Containerized BESS 5.64 MWh;
  • Cubenergy (China) with its comprehensive PowerCombo-20C2H1600K utility-scale storage system;
  • Enphase Energy (USA) with its IQ Battery 5P, which uses six micro-inverters to provide AC output;
  • ESS Tech (USA) with its utility-scale storage system Energy Center;
  • HagerEnergy (Germany) with its Edison V2H charging station;
  • Jackery Technology (USA) with its small-scale storage system Jackery Navi 2000;
  • Pfannenberg Europe (Germany) with its vibration-resistant cooling unit Compact Chiller VLV12;
  • Sigenergy Technology (China) with the battery storage SigenStor;
  • sonnen (Germany) with its commercial storage system sonnenPro FlexStack;
  • Trina Storage (China) with its highly integrated Trina Storage Elementa 2 energy storage system.

An awards ceremony for the winners will be held on the eve of The smarter E Europe on June 18 at 6:15pm at the International Congress Center München (ICM).