Monbat plans new assembly line

Monbat plans new assembly line

Monbat plans new assembly line 1024 1024 Batteries International

May 24, 2024: The CEO of European lead battery giant, Monbat, has unveiled plans to expand facilities including a new assembly line at its plant in the town where the group was founded 65 years ago.

Viktor Spiriev told a meeting attended by members of parliament and regional civic leaders in Montana on May 2 that, in addition to the line for AGM and SLI batteries, there will also be lines for terminal insert manufacturing and washing separators.

Spiriev did not disclose investment costs, capacity increases or a timeline for launching the new facilities but said the project would create a total of 35 new jobs at the site, in Bulgaria’s northwest, where the group began as a state-owned lead acid battery manufacturer in 1959 before being privatised in 1998.

“Despite the fact that we are operating in a business related to one of the earliest adopted electrochemical technologies, we are constantly improving it via innovations,” Spiriev said.

Around 65% of the group’s turnover in 2023 — BGN 248 million ($138 million) — was derived from operations in Montana, including lead battery manufacturing, recycling and related activities, Spiriev said.

Some BGN 225 million of the group’s total consolidated revenue (BGN 353 million) last year was the result of exports from Montana.

Separately, Monbat confirmed on May 9 that it is working with Bulgaria’s Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems to create a laboratory to test what the group described as new generation energy systems — including a hydrogen refuelling facility for vehicles with fuel cells and lead-carbon battery tech targeting BESS opportunities in the renewable energy and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Batteries International reported in April 2023 that Monbat was pushing ahead with plans to use lead and lithium ion chemistries to develop a range of BESS products, after conducting lab tests on prototype systems.