Banner posts battery sales decline but lead sales ‘successful’

Banner posts battery sales decline but lead sales ‘successful’

Banner posts battery sales decline but lead sales ‘successful’ 150 150 Batteries International

June 7, 2024: Lead battery manufacturer Banner reported full-year sales of €302 million ($328 million) on May 28 — a tiny decrease on last year’s figures.

Sales from for the financial year ending March 31 included 4 million starter and on-board network batteries.

Commercial director Andreas Bawart said lead-acid batteries would continue to play a major role in supplying vehicles with electricity, despite the declining trend towards electromobility: “The initial euphoria for electric cars has waned and disillusionment has set in. Many first-time buyers of electric cars realize that promised driving ranges are not being achieved and that public charging options are still inadequate.”

The Austria-based firm said its latest financial report confirmed its strategy in a ‘challenging environment’ in which it had been still able to assert itself.

The company attributes the challenges to, among other things, increased competition from Asian manufacturers entering the European market and putting pressure on the automotive industry.

Because of this and due to the cuts in government subsidies for electric vehicles in Germany, the number of new registrations of battery-electric vehicles has decreased significantly However, Bawart said even if drivers turn more towards electric variants again, the company would not run out of work by sticking to lead-acid technology.