Mike Moeller to run for state office

Mike Moeller to run for state office

Mike Moeller to run for state office 150 150 Batteries International

July 5, 2024: Remy battery CEO, Mike Moeller, announced this week that he is running as a Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 20th State Assembly District’s November election.

In a statement to ‘business colleagues and friends,’ he explained how, after years of working in the battery industry, he felt it was ‘time to dedicate some of my time to the citizens of this great Country and run for State office.’

His statement went on to explain that in 2013 he had worked with the then Wisconsin rep, Mark Honadel, on legislation that would improve battery recycling laws in the county through introducing contacts from local, regional and national businesses.

“We were able to craft legislation that would reduce liability for businesses, further help keep hazardous materials out of the waste stream and the environment and make it economically neutral for the consumer. In short, a win-win-win for all of Wisconsin,” he said.

Part of the process in running for any office is raising funds for the campaign and Moeller appealed for donations saying that he had been offered a matching donation from the Party by hitting a fundraising goal by July 17. 

By US law Moeller is barred from receiving donations from foreign nationals or bodies.