Renault teams up with LGES, CATL on battery technology

Renault teams up with LGES, CATL on battery technology

Renault teams up with LGES, CATL on battery technology 150 150 Batteries International

July 5, 2024: Renault’s EV unit, Ampere, announced on Monday an ambitious move to integrate lithium iron phosphate battery technology into its production line. 

The decision to incorporate LFP alongside nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) batteries is aimed at addressing market volatility, the rapid evolution of battery technologies and to establish an integrated value chain within Europe, the company said. 

Under a five-year contract, LG Energy Solution will provide LFP batteries to Ampere from late 2025 through  to 2030, with a total capacity of approximately 39GWh, enough to produce around 590,000 EVs.

The batteries will be manufactured in LG Energy Solution’s Poland facility and will power next-generation EV models.

Additional details for the partnership with CATL have not been released.

Ampere is also working with LGES towards the development of so-called cell-to-pack battery solutions — which they claim as a world first for pouch-type batteries.

This technology could boost vehicle range by allowing more cells, and thus more energy, to be packed into the same space. In addition, it is anticipated to contribute to a reduction in battery costs.

The deal marks the first LFP battery supply deal for EV use for the South Korean battery maker, LGES said.

Philippe Brunet, SVP powertrain and EV engineering, Ampere said: “The work we’ve done with LGES has enabled us to localize the entire value chain around LFP technology in Europe, and increase its competitiveness, including with Cell-to-Pack.