Lan Lam, Jun Furukuwa Batteries International

Lan Lam, Jun Furukuwa

September 22, 2016: Revolutionary. Perhaps that’s the only word for what was eventually to become the UltraBattery. The next leap forward in lead acid technology would not exist if it…

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Maria Skyllas-Kazacos Batteries International

Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

September 22, 2016: The idea of flow batteries goes back to NASA research in the 1970s, but the honour of converting theory into practice using vanadium belongs to Maria Skyllas-Kazacos.…

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Johan Coetzer Batteries International

Johan Coetzer

September 22, 2016: Developing a battery consisting of molten sodium was always going to be a challenge. But sodium sulfur and sodium nickel batteries are still around. Molten salt and…

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Stanley Whittingham Batteries International

Stanley Whittingham

September 22, 2016: The creation of the lithium ion battery cell was the work — often collaborative but equally often on a competitive basis — of a handful of scientists…

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Detchko Pavlov Batteries International

Detchko Pavlov

September 22, 2016: For the last 60 years Detchko Pavlov has been at the cutting edge of finding new ways to enhance the performance of lead acid batteries. A lifetime…

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Ken Peters Batteries International

Ken Peters

September 22, 2016: The development and commercialization of the valve regulated lead acid battery has been one of Ken Peters’ great contributions to the industry. VRLA: the next step For…

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Michael Thackery Batteries International

Michael Thackery

September 21, 2016: Within days of arriving at Oxford University in 1981, South African electrochemist Michael Thackeray made a remarkable discovery that was eventually to have deep implications for lithium…

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David Prengaman Batteries International

David Prengaman

September 21, 2016: The modern day lead acid battery would be very different — both more expensive and less efficient — were it not for the contribution of David Prengaman,…

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John Devitt Batteries International

John Devitt

September 21, 2016: Sealed lead acid batteries had been the goal of the battery industry since the time of Gaston Planté. But it was only in the 1960s that real…

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September 21, 2016: The batteries industry has always proven to be one of the more charitable sectors. It’s not so much seen — because it’s not spoken about — but…

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