Exide Technologies launches lithium battery

Exide Technologies launches lithium battery

Exide Technologies launches lithium battery Batteries International

April 12, 2018: Exide Technologies, the US-based lead battery manufacturer and recycler, launched a lithium-ion battery to power material handling systems at the MODEX 2018 expo in Atlanta, US, on April 10.

The company claims its LiFTFORCE LPX battery can charge in just 15 minutes, which is up to eight times faster than a traditional lead acid battery, and also provides increased cycle life and lower maintenance requirements for Classes I, II and III forklifts as well as automated guided vehicles and other applications.

“It’s an ideal solution for large distribution centres and companies that run heavy duty or multiple shifts looking to lower their operational costs,” a company statement said.

The batteries are the same size and weight as the batteries they will replace, but outperform them in energy throughput.

The battery is not new, having first been introduced in Europe in 2013 with the brand name GNB Sonnenschein Lithium.

Product marketing manager Eric Sledge said early environmental initiatives in Europe encouraged the rapid adoption of lithium-based energy solutions, and in the US, that time was now.

“Recent initiatives in the US combined with increasing awareness of the lithium ion batteries by lift truck manufacturers and users in this market make this an ideal time to launch our LiFTFORCE LPX product in the US,” he said.

“Exide is committed to providing our customers with energy products tailored to meet their needs, whether that be lead acid or lithium ion based solutions.”

Sledge said that trends in energy and technology tended to be customer driven, and lithium ion batteries were an example of this. Exide, he said, was responding to these trends.

Exide’s range of lithium batteries include its Exide Li-ion motorbike and sport range, although traditionally its products have been predominantly lead acid.

The LiFTFORCE LPX battery, which can be charged using wall chargers, thus reducing the amount of floor space required, will be commercially available from July.

Exide has also announced a new range of lead batteries in its marine and leisure range, including Exide Start, Start AGM, Dual, Dual AGM, Equipment and Equipment GEL. The batteries are suitable for boats and caravans.