LeadBattery360° program to help tackle informal lead recycling

LeadBattery360° program to help tackle informal lead recycling

LeadBattery360° program to help tackle informal lead recycling 701 339 Batteries International

October 6, 2022: An initiative to help reduce sub-standard and informal lead battery recycling in low and middle-income countries was formally launched on October 4 by trade associations representing the lead and lead battery industries.

The ‘LeadBattery360°’ program builds on a pledge made by the four — the ILA, BCI, EUROBAT and the Association of Battery Recyclers — in 2020.

A dedicated website has been launched to support the programme — highlighting all initiatives that have been supported by the battery industry to date to combat informal recycling in several countries including Ghana, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Costa Rica.

LeadBattery360° members are part of the technical working group that is updating the Basel technical guidelines for the environmentally sound recycling of used lead acid batteries.

They also provided the technical input into standard operating procedures (SOPs) for responsible lead battery recycling that are currently being incorporated into regulatory standards in Ghana and evaluated in other countries.

ILA regulatory affairs director Steve Binks (pictured) and director of LeadBattery360°, said: “We all want to see an end to informal and substandard battery recycling and manufacturing where it exists, and this initiative aims to help countries where this is a problem to improve through practical support and sharing best practice.

“Our guiding principles set the bar for the entire lead and lead battery value chain, ensuring that companies that are members of the four associations supporting the program continue to meet the already high standards in place to protect people and the environment.”

Binks said the industry remained committed to promoting ethically sound battery recycling and manufacturing as worldwide demand for rechargeable batteries increases.

On May 3, the ILA welcomed new standard operating procedures published by Ghana’s government to improve battery recycling operations in the West African nation.

The procedures were developed with organizations including the ILA, BCI, EUROBAT and with the Sustainable Recycling Industries and the Material Stewardship Program of the global lead and lead battery industries.