Monbat stresses role for advanced lead in BESS plans

Monbat stresses role for advanced lead in BESS plans

Monbat stresses role for advanced lead in BESS plans 900 559 Batteries International

April 28, 2023: Monbat revealed on April 25 it will use lead and lithium ion chemistries to develop a range of BESS products, after conducting lab tests on prototype systems.

The Bulgaria-based battery manufacturer said last November that it planned to enter the BESS market.

Monbat said prototypes had been tested in partnership with the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IEES-BAS).

The test results were presented recently by IEES-BAS professor Evelina Slavcheva to Marcin Wasilewski, CEO of InnoEnergy, the lead partner in the European Battery Alliance and Bogdan Bogdanov, CEO of the InvestBulgaria Agency.

Lead acid “high-cycle carbon industrial batteries” would be part of its BESS portfolio, Monbat said.

The company also intends to market “avant-garde technologies aimed at improving the performance of established lead acid industrial batteries” while reducing the products’ carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria’s government has agreed to become a member of the European Battery Alliance — of which Monbat has been a member since 2021.

The sales director of Monbat’s industrial batteries division, Bozhidar Nekeziev, said the Bulgarian government’s decision was a positive sign towards developing a dynamic European battery sector.

Batteries International reported in February that Monbat had designated the supply of batteries for start-stop vehicles as a major target for business growth.