Doe Run announces new president and other leadership changes

Doe Run announces new president and other leadership changes

Doe Run announces new president and other leadership changes 150 150 Batteries International

July 1, 2021: Lead mining and recycling firm Doe Run announced a suite of changes in its leadership team on June 30, including the appointment of Matthew Wohl as president with immediate effect.

He replaces Jerry Pyatt, who has already retired as president and will retire as CEO on December 31, 2021, when Wohl will also replace him in that post.

Wohl started at Doe Run in 2009 as senior corporate attorney and already had lengthy experience in corporate and commercial law.

He has led state and federal advocacy work to protect the lead industry in Missouri and guide the firm through what he calls ‘tremendous regulatory change’.

“The natural resource industry, and in particular the mining and metals industry, is at a critical juncture,” said Wohl.

“The world is in the midst of a global competition for clean energy. As a country, we will need every ounce of lead, copper, zinc, cobalt and many other metals we can get to support the battery technologies required to meet clean and renewable energy goals.”

“Matt brings a deep understanding of the issues and regulatory policies that impact our industry, as well as a positive outlook and passion to find common ground with diverse stakeholders,” said Pyatt.

“His background with both public and private sector companies in highly regulated industries will enable the company to navigate a course that advances new technologies in both lead battery recycling as well as the extractive industries.”

Other changes at the top include the appointment of Crystal Saling as vice president, law and general counsel; Brian Mangogna as vice president, mining and milling; Tony Bogolin as executive president, finance and HR, CFO and treasurer; and Michael Montgomery as vice president, environment, health and safety.