Moll targets start-stop market with new ‘AFB’ design

Moll targets start-stop market with new ‘AFB’ design

Moll targets start-stop market with new ‘AFB’ design 788 283 Batteries International

September 16, 2022: Moll Batterien announced a new advanced flooded battery (AFB) design on September 9 as a challenger to traditional AGM batteries used in start-stop vehicles.

The AFB can be used as a direct replacement for AGM batteries, such as the micro-hybrid vehicles market, because of enhanced features including improved charge acceptance and recuperation capability, Moll says.

Another key feature of the AFB is that it can be adapted to a vehicle’s AGM on‐board network behaviour.

This means the AFB can be optimally charged if it is registered as an AGM battery with the vehicle’s on‐board network, the manufacturer says.

Work on the AFB design stems from the rapid introduction of start-start vehicles as car makers strive to meet European Union requirements to gradually reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of vehicles.

Moll says its R&D for the new design was built on the “robust basic design of a classic flooded battery” and drew on its experience of developing enhanced flooded batteries.

Moll, one of Europe’s best known family lead-acid battery businesses, was taken over by a consortium of investors led by the CEO of BAE Holding Jan IJspeert, the company announced in March 2021.

The firm was founded by Peter Moll 75 years ago and later taken over by his daughter, Gertrud Moll-Möhrstedt. However, the company was forced to file for insolvency in 2020.