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WaveTech lead battery tech first

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February 9, 2023: WaveTech revealed on February 3 it has successfully completed the first commercial installation of its lead batteries enhancing technology with Maxis Telecommunications, a telecoms and service provider based in Malaysia.

The firms partnered in 2020 to extend battery lifespan, reduce battery failures and protect batteries from high operating temperatures using WaveTech’s patented Crystal Control Technology (CCT), which enhances the performance and lifetime of lead batteries used in the energy storage sector.

The installation was completed during the third quarter of last year, after pandemic-related delays and a successful proof of concept.

WaveTech said the commercialization process involved installing its tech on 73 sites, consisting of 192 battery strings.

The company is offering a battery performance warranty on all sites where its CCT and battery monitoring system have been installed.

The installation represents a significant milestone, being WaveTech’s first successful sale cycle, first tier 1 telecom operator as a customer, and first South Asia sale in the telecoms sector, the company said.

WaveTech is now set to install its BMS on seven additional sites to digitalize the monitoring, operation, and maintenance of the batteries — and to expand deployment of CCT to other Maxis sites.

CCT technology is based on applying a specifically modulated periodic signal during charge, and closely monitoring the state of charge and state of health of the battery.

WaveTech said the innovation is used currently in the telecoms sector, where lead batteries globally represent the majority of battery demand.

CCT helps WaveTech to charge the batteries faster and more efficiently. The company says power pulses sent to the battery enhance the mobility of ions in the electrolyte and optimize crystallization in the positive and negative plates of the battery.

The surface of the plates remains active, sulfation is slowed down, and the highly porous microstructure of the lead and lead dioxide crystals formed in the active materials is kept sustainable.

Meanwhile, WaveTech says it is also looking at work with lithium chemistries, after feasibility tests indicated the application of CCT could also boost performance of lithium batteries.