ACE Green in lead recycling licensing deal with Hakurnas

ACE Green in lead recycling licensing deal with Hakurnas

ACE Green in lead recycling licensing deal with Hakurnas 1024 318 Batteries International

June 23, 2023: ACE Green Recycling announced on June 21 it had signed an equipment supply and licensing deal with Hakurnas Lead Works to set up battery recycling facilities in Israel and Romania.

ACE said it will deploy its proprietary lead battery recycling technology, which it claims operates without fossil fuel-based heating, at the Israeli secondary lead producer.

As part of the deal, ACE will sell its proprietary equipment and chemicals to Hakurnas and provide technical and engineering support for installation and commissioning.

Initial operations using ACE’s equipment should start at the Hakurnas plant in Ashdod by the fourth quarter of this year, which is then planned to be scaled up subject to various approvals.

Once fully deployed, ACE said these facilities are projected to recycle 50,000 tonnes of scrap batteries every year — a capacity that is worth some $60 million in lead metal sales annually, ACE said.

The move will also prevent the emission of 30,000 tonnes of CO2 and stop 2,400 tonnes of solid waste from going into landfill while also recycling more than 3,500 tonnes of plastics, ACE said.

ACE claims its technology replaces the smelting furnace, operates at room temperature, runs on electricity and has zero scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions (direct GHG emissions such as those made while running boilers and vehicles) and reduces solid waste by more than 80%.

Under the terms of the deal, the companies could also collaborate on deploying ACE’s technology to set up greenfield lithium ion battery recycling sites in Israel and Romania.

Hakurnas has been operating in Israel for more than 60 years and is also a lead supplier to Europe and North America.

Hakurnas owner and CEO Miron Badin said, “It is important to us to link with ACE to become early adopters of such radical technology, as Hakurnas always aims to be at the vanguard of development in our industry.”

Batteries International reported on February 16 that Ace Green had agreed a recycling equipment supply partnership for lead and lithium ion batteries with Italian lead recycler and engineering company STC.